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Xenon(pronounced "zee-non"), Xe, element 54, is the second to last noble gas, being a series of extremely non-reactive gasses (preluded by helium, neon, argon, and krypton)

Xenon's main uses are typical of noble gases, being for its inertness, and also occasionally for its reletively high weight. Xenon is used in flash bulbs and strobe lights, because xenon discharges a very pure white light.

Most noble gases do not form compounds, because they are so inert, but xenon is actually capable of forming xenon hexafluoride, which is a white solid.

These are my samples!

High-Pressure Xenon Lamp

This high-pressure xenon lamp was used in a movie projector in a fairly typical movie theater, it's supposedly "burnt out" but I really have no way to test it, so I'm not sure. These are quite unusual because most movie theaters don't hand them out to anyone who asks, and they're expensive to get new, I thank my dad for this sample.

Date added(year-month-day):20110906, sample number:60

Tags(Elements in sample):xenon, vacuum

Xenon Flash Tube

Pretty much everyone knows what a strobe light is, and this is the bulb that makes the flashes(Filled with xenon to make very white light), but the actual importance of it is that the flashes of light are very brief, unlike other kinds of flashes that need to "cool down". Because these flashes are so brief, they can be carefully timed and used to pick up details from things moving by very fast, which makes checking products on a big assembly line much easier... Or you can just screw around and dance in the flickering light for a good time.

Date added(year-month-day):20110726, sample number:32

Tags(Elements in sample):xenon, vacuum

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