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Vanadium, element number 23 with atomic symbol V, is a fairly average transition metal, silver-grey in color, not much unusual about it.

The main source of vanadium is actually from fossil fuels, which oddly enough commonly contain vanadium, which can be purified out of it without using up the actual fuel. There are also vanadium mines in the mid-west of the United States which commonly produce uranium as well, being that they are both present in the mineral carnotite, which is found dispersed in sandstone.

Vanadium doesn't have many uses pure, but like most obscure transition metals, it is a valuable additive to steel alloys, in this case increasing strength, used in stainless steel alloys and steel for cutting tools.

Vanadium compounds find a few uses here and there, one of them, vanadium pentoxide, as an oxidizer in producing sulfuric acid.

These are my samples!


This is a small pellet of pure vanadium metal, looks for the most part like any other metal, surprising how similar most of the transition metals are.

Donated along with some tungsten, iodine, and iron by the very generous David Green, you can find the other samples by searching his name.

Date added(year-month-day):20110913, sample number:67

Tags(Elements in sample):vanadium, david green

Vanadium-Alloy Steel

Common kitchen knife, no idea where I got it but I was slicing an apple one day and saw that it was branded as "Flint Stainless Vanadium U.S.A.", I believe Flint to be a brand. If I can't get pure vanadium, I can at least have something that advertises it has SOME vanadium in it... Many unusual elements can be found in steel alloys, I know a friend with a molybdenum steel knife set.

Date added(year-month-day):20110808, sample number:53

Tags(Elements in sample):vanadium

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