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Tantalum, Ta, 73, is a hard, blue-ish tinted metal, which is fairly strong, and good at resisting corrosion.

Tantalum is very easy to find, because it is used in capacitors, which are used in practically all electronics, such as cell phones and computers. Aluminum can also be used for capacitors and is cheaper, but tantalum works much better, so is still used in the more important capacitors.

Tantalum is also used in structural implants, because similar to titanium, it is excellent at resisting bodily corrosion. Tantalum skull plates aren't very unusual(as far as skull plates go anyway), and tantalum thread is sometimes used for permanent stitches.

Besides these uses, tantalum can be used for almost anything requiring something that doesn't corrode, and is often alloyed in tiny amounts with other metals such as specialty steel alloys.

These are my samples!

Tantalum Capacitor

A capacitor is an electrical part which consists of two pieces of metal being very near each other, but electrically insulated from each other. This can be useful in storing charge, because if you give one metal plate a positive charge and the other negative, the charges will attract, and keep them in the metal plates until you give them an easier path to each other(via wires hooked up to the capacitor). Tantalum is extremely good for this and tantalum capacitors are almost always favored over other metals(like aluminum), but they are slightly more expensive, so are only used where needed.

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Small Bullion Bar Set

This is a small set of bars I got as a gift, including titanium, niobium, molybdenum, indium, tin, and tantalum. It had a few more like brass and copper, but I didn't include them because they weren't unusual enough....

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