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Platinum, Pt, 78, is a shiny silver metal just before gold, and similar to gold, it is extremely non-reactive. Because of this it is worth more than gold, and is more often used by chemists when un-corrodably electrodes are needed to put electricity into some nasty acid.

Platinum has been known for quite some time, and was always favored in jewelry and decorative cups and such, because it is stronger than gold, but corrodes even less. Platinum is not uncommon in jewelry today, but is less popular than gold because it just doesn't have that "bling" feeling to it(that and being more expensive)

Platinum is also used as a catylist in fuel cells, coaxing the hydrogen and oxygen to get back together and spare some electrons in the process, making it a valuable commodity for possible fuel-cell cars, or any fuel cell device.

Platinum compounds are rare, because platinum is so happy by itself, but some can be made. Platinum hexafluoride is one, it is a volatile red solid which will sublime into a red gas, and has the rare properties of being able to turn argon, a so-called "un-reactable" noble gas, into a solid compound.

These are my samples!

Platinum-Plated Wire

Long ago, I wanted more then anything to make a fuel cell, so I bought 1 foot of platinum-plated nickel wire to use, because platinum is a good catalyst for hydrogen/oxygen fuel cells, and hydrogen/oxygen are easy to get from water. I did make my fuel cell, and it worked even, at one point I even managed to light a little LED, but since then I've done basically nothing with them but cherish them for their platinum.

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