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Phosphorus, "P", atomic number 15, is a non-metal that has many interesting properties, pure phosphorus comes in many forms(or "allotropes"), including:

White phosphorus, which is amorphous phosphorus, is a dull waxy white/yellow solid which is very chemically reactive and will burn slowly in normal air releasing a dense toxic smoke. White phosphorus was was commonly used in some weapons, but many countries are trying to ban it.

Red phosphorus is a slightly more stable allotrope, and it mearly consists of phosphorus in a slight crystal structure. It is a rather pleasing red color, and can be used as fuels for some pyrotechnic mixtures, including everyday matches

Violet phosphorus is much more stable than the others, but doesn't have very extensive uses

Black phosphorus is very stable, and looks much like graphite being flaky, black, hard, and a conductor of electricity.

These are my samples!

Phosphorus Explosives

Phosphorus, being a fast and furious burning fuel, is an excellent fuel in a fuel/oxidizer explosive. The idea behind fuel/oxidizers is that you take something that burns (Like charcoal, sulfur, aluminum powder) and add something that releases oxygen easily (potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate) making it burn EXTREMELY FAST due to high oxygen. The better the oxidizer and fuel, the faster the burn. This consists of red phosphorus, being an excellent fuel, and potassium chlorate, being an excellent oxidizer, so overall, is an excellent explosive. I'd worry about telling the public this, but red phosphorous is hard to get.

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