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Nitrogen(just "N") is a fairly basic element, 7th on the periodic table, nothing unusual about the nucleus(core of protons and neutrons), and it has five electrons where it would really like to have 8. This once again opens alot of options, and being quite common on earth, nitrogen is in lots of things around us, like healthy soil.

Personally I haven't researched nitrogen to deeply, as it isn't a particularly exciting element to me, however some of it's compounds prove quite useful in chemical reactions such as nitric acid, which can desolve pure copper and many other metals into "nitrates", being *element*NO3 (potassium nitrate, KNO3, is an oxidizer used in gunpowder, strontium nitrate gives burning things a red color)

Nitrogen is quite easy to find assuming you're ok with 78% pure, because all the air we breath is exactly that.

These are my samples!

Gas Ampoule Set

This is a set of miniature ampoules I made to contain some of the more easily-acquired gases in the periodic table, in order from left to right, Chlorine(made from pool chemicals.. Very dangerous), Nitrogen(Just air.. 78% pure, not bad), Oxygen(Made from electrolysis of water), and Hydrogen(Made from electrolysis as well).

Date added(year-month-day):20110719, sample number:1

Tags(Elements in sample):hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine

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