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Molybdenum(pronounced mo-leb-den-um), Mo, 42, is a metal much like lead, it is heavy, has a darker color than most, and has a distinct "greasy" feel to it. Unlike lead however, it has the second highest melting point of any metal.

Molybdenum is most commonly used in steel alloys, increasing it's melting point drastically, and helping it's strength. It is also easily found as support wires in incandescent lightbulbs, to hold up the intensely hot tungsten filament.

A note about the name molybdenum is it was coined from the mineral molybdenite, which is lead ore, due to a mix-up about the difference between lead and molybdenum.

These are my samples!

Long Light Bulb

This rather long light bulb is commonly used in desk lamps where a long then source of light is wanted, however this one is a bit smaller then usual. Besides the tungsten filament, which is heat resistant and gets hot enough to give off light, there's also support wires holding it in place, made out of molybdenum, and they appear to be held in place with cobalt-blue glass!

Date added(year-month-day):20111130, sample number:86

Tags(Elements in sample):tungsten, molybdenum, vacuum

Small Bullion Bar Set

This is a small set of bars I got as a gift, including titanium, niobium, molybdenum, indium, tin, and tantalum. It had a few more like brass and copper, but I didn't include them because they weren't unusual enough....

Date added(year-month-day):20110724, sample number:17

Tags(Elements in sample):titanium, niobium, molybdenum, indium, tin, tantalum

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