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Manganese, Mn, element number 25, is a hard silver metal, best known for pretty much nothing.

Manganese is fairly common on earth, especially in the mineral pyrolusite, and is the 12th most common element in the earth's crust, at about .09% by weight.

Pyrolusite, which is mostly manganese dioxide, has been used for hundreds of years in glass work, for either making a purple color, or removing other unwanted colors from the glass.

Pure manganese metal has limited uses, but it is invaluable in steel and other metal alloys, mainly reducing corrosion through various chemical means, in both stainless steel alloys and some aluminum alloys.

These are my samples!

Nickel-Free Nickels

These nickels, dated 1943-45, where made during the second world war when nickel was incredibly useful for armor plating, so the US government took all the nickel from the mint, forcing them to substitute with a mixture of 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese. After the war, it was realized silver was far too valuable for a 5 cent piece, so they took as many as they could out of circulation and melted them down for other uses.

Date added(year-month-day):20120511, sample number:103

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Manganese Metal Flake, 99.8%

This is 99.8% pure manganese, in the form of a thin layer which was electro-plated onto a surface, and then broken off.

If you look closely, one side of the flakes are smooth, while the other side has a bubbly look, typical of thickly electro-plated surfaces. Now available for purchase in the webstore!

Date added(year-month-day):20120229, sample number:94

Tags(Elements in sample):manganese

Steel Manganese

An unusual alloy of steel, SAE T1345, being about 1.75% manganese, in the form of turnings, apparently as a standard for the alloy because it's packaged by the "National Bureau of Standards".

There doesn't seem to be much use for manganese steel, I can hardly find anything on it by searching the alloy... I acquired this from a friend, who found it at a small auction in the middle of PA.

Date added(year-month-day):20111130, sample number:88

Tags(Elements in sample):manganese

Antique Manganese

This is a rusty old jar of (rock hard) manganese powder, acquired from a box of random chemicals, acquired from various vintage chemistry sets (back when you got cool stuff with those sets..). Sadly not my box of vintage chemicals, but I managed to trade some unique items for this and some antimony.

Date added(year-month-day):20111015, sample number:80

Tags(Elements in sample):manganese

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