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Iodine, I, 53, is an element classified as a halogen, meaning it is very reactive and part of a series including fluorine, chlorine, and bromine. Iodine is the least reactive of the halogens, but will still burst into flame in the presents of simple magnesium, similar to the others. Physically it is a grey crystaline solid, but is so volatile it will slowly sublime into purple vapors at room temperature.

Iodine is actually very important to the human body, it is used in the thyroid hormones, if humans live and eat plants and animals in an area of the earth low on iodine, their thyroid glans will swell, and make them very ill. Because of this, iodine is added to most commercially manufactured salt, which insures everyone gets some in their diets. Some places in the world manufacture their own salt from sea water, however this almost always leads to local thyroid problems.

These are my samples!

Iodine Ampoule

A larger ampoule of pure iodine, much more professionally made then my small wet samples below.

Donated along with some vanadium, tungsten, and iron by the very generous David Green, you can find the other samples by searching his name.

Date added(year-month-day):20110913, sample number:69

Tags(Elements in sample):iodine, david green

Iodine Crystals

I went through a painstaking process involving making chlorine gas, piping it through this and that and the other thing, filtering, re-filtering, and distilling to get an absolutely tiny sample of iodine from a medical tincture. Why not just buy a few grams? Well I wanted something to be proud of, like my bromine sample. I sealed some of it in this sturdy glass tube, and to my delight, a week later I found that the iodine had vaporized in the tube, and re-crystallized on the walls of it to make the prettiest little rhombic crystals.

Date added(year-month-day):20110726, sample number:31

Tags(Elements in sample):iodine

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