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Indium, In, 49, is an extremely soft silver metal, and is chemically similar to aluminum and gallium.

Indium's main uses are for it's low melting point, and because in liquid state it bonds well to many other materials and surfaces. Indium is commonly used as a solder, which is used to bond wires together with good electrical and physical strength.

Indium is also used in liquid metal alloys, one alloy being known as galinstan, consisting of 66% gallium, 21% indium, and 13% tin.

Another use of indium for it's low melting point is in built-in fire extinguishers, an indium plug is placed on the end of a tube containing high pressure water, if the plug gets hot, presumably due to flame, it will melt out of the pipe, thus releasing the water.

These are my samples!

Indium Fire Sprinkler

This device is commonly seen attached to pipes on the ceilings of large buildings, the pipes contain fairly high pressure water, and when this device gets hot, a small bar of an indium-containing alloy melts, opening a valve, and releasing a barrage of water upon whatever was making all that offending heat. Some of them are also made with a thin glass tube of alcohol, which boils and shatters the glass instead of melting.

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Small Bullion Bar Set

This is a small set of bars I got as a gift, including titanium, niobium, molybdenum, indium, tin, and tantalum. It had a few more like brass and copper, but I didn't include them because they weren't unusual enough....

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