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Germanium, Ge, atomic number 32, is a silver-grey metalloid that sits around the same are as silicon and selenium on the periodic table, and shares many of their traits.(Note the direct quote from tellurium.. They are similar elements)

Being a metalloid, it has, like most metalloids, the traits of being more brittle and less consistantly conductive then most metals, but more conductive then non-metals like sulfur or nitrogen, and far more shiny.

Germanium is primarily used in semiconductors, being the microscopic electric switches that make everything electronic keep working. It was used in some of the first experimental semiconductors, but more recently has been for the most part replaced with cheaper and easier to use silicon.

It's existance was predicted well before it was actually discovered because of a gap in the periodic table, scientists took guesses that it would be much like silicon so they nick-named it "eka-silicon", and most of their predictions proved correct when it was discovered many years later by a German scientist, who then took the liberty of naming it after Germany.

These are my samples!

Germanium Diode

A diode is an electrical component which filters electricity by direction, meaning electricity can flow one way, but not the other. This is achieved by having a tiny chunk of a semi-metal element (silicon and germanium are the most common) and mixing trace amounts of other elements into opposite surfaces of the chunk, meaning one side has slightly different electrical properties than the other, and electricity is much happier flowing one way then the other. This is a fairly large diode that my dad(electronics expert of almost half a century) confirms is indeed the type with germanium.

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