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Chromium, Cr, element number 24, is fairly common in the form of "chrome" plating, which adds a shiney blue-ish layer to almost anything, and also protects it from corroding.

Chromium is also alloyed with metals failry commonly, like "nichrome" is a nickel-chromium alloy (about 80% nickel, 20% chrome)which is used in heating filaments like in toasters or ovens, and stainless steel which is steel (iron and carbon) with up to 20% chromium added, once again the chrome makes it resistant to corrosion, thus the name "stainless" steel.

These are my samples!

Nichrome Alloy

This is a resistor, or actually several resistors, from a car, used in making the fan run at variable speeds. The thicker/thinner spirals are more/less resistance, so when you turn the nob to turn the fan up it routes the electricity through one of these, if you turn it up it goes through a thicker wire, turn it down, a thinner one. Nichrome (Being about 80% nickel and 20% chromium)is used because it has high resistance, but doesn't corrode or melt easily when it gets hot.

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