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Cadmium, Cd, 48, is a soft blue-ish metal, similar to zinc. It is highly toxic, and isn't used much because it is now known to cause cancer. It is generally an element I don't want to mess with.

Cadmium's uses include plating steel to protect from rusting, but has been replaced with zinc due to it's toxicity. It is also used in older nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, but more recently, lithium chemistry has become far superior in every aspect. Cadmium sulfide is also used as a yellow pigment.

These are my samples!

Cadmium Sulfide Photoresistor

This unusual electronic component consists of a small length of cadmium sulfide applied to a ceramic surface, which acts as a resistor in dim light, but conducts pretty well in bright light.

These are commonly used as light switches, for example, if you want to turn on a street light after dark, and in those little solar lights you can stick in the ground all around your house and driveway.

This one is unusual in that it's HUGE, and you can clearly see the yellow color of the cadmium sulfide, which is also used as a yellow pigment in paints.

Date added(year-month-day):20120229, sample number:95

Tags(Elements in sample):cadmium, sulfur


This is a sheet of what I believe to be cadmium metal which came from a nickel-cadmium ("NiCad", now replaced with less toxic nickel-metal hydride, or "NiMh") battery I dismantled long ago when I was fairly stupid. Do not disassemble batteries, ever, they are full of toxic acids (and metals, like cadmium) and can easily heat up/catch fire if you aren't incredibly careful.

Date added(year-month-day):20110726, sample number:29

Tags(Elements in sample):cadmium

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