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Bimsuth, Bi, atomic number 83, is a silver-grey metal that sits near the end of the stable elements, on the bottom right of the table after lead. Bismuth is technically classified as a radioactive element, but it's half life is estimated at 19,000,000,000,000,000,000 (nineteen billion, BILLION) years, so it's difficult to tell it's radioactive at all.

Bimsuth is a fairly soft metal, which can be easily melted because of a melting point of 520 degrees fahrenheit, and is probably most well known because it forms amazingly colorful and most intriguingly shaped crystals, however there is more to it than that.

Bismuth in pure form is fairly useless as a structural metal being somewhat brittle and easily melted, but it is useful in that it can replace lead in most alloys such as pewter or electronic solders, and although it is a heavy metal, it is not nearly as toxic as lead, so is much safer to use in these alloys.

These are my samples!

Bismuth Spheres

I bought about 2 pounds of bismuth from a friend, and oddly enough, it came in the form of these cast spheres, weighing about an ounce a piece.. Apparently it was being sold as a material you could cast lead-free weights from.

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Bismuth Metal Shot, 99.998%

This is very high purity (99.99%) bismuth metal, in the form of small cast pellets, probably formed by pouring liquid bismuth into water, or just pouring it off a very tall tower (possibly and then into water).

Most people are used to bismuth being colorful squareish crystals, but it can be melted/cast/formed just like any other low-melting point metal.

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Bimsuth Crystals

Bismuth is most well known for forming crystals fairly easily, all you have to do is melt it into a liquid and then slowly cool it, then when it's only partially solidified, dump the remaining liquid out. The slower the cooling, the larger the crystals. Sadly I've been unable to get a nice big shiny crystal, but I did find a mineral dealer selling these little chunks for a few bucks.

Date added(year-month-day):20110727, sample number:38

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