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Beryllium, "Be", is element number 4, and is a very interesting metal. It's atom has four protons, neutrons, and electrons, having two electrons in the second shell makes it fairly unreactive, however it does slowly react with water to form hydrogen and beryllium hydroxide(just like all the other alkali earth metals). One of it's main unique traits is that it kicks off neutrons if you aim alpha rays at it, which in some cases can prove a good reason NOT to use it, but in other cases can be used to mutate atoms into atoms of different elements.

I believe the space industry is the main user of this metal because it is extremely light, and for it's weight, it's extremely strong, so they use it to build parts for satellites and missiles. I happen to have a source of information because somone I know works for a company that uses it sometimes, I also found from him that beryllium is very toxic if you inhale it, which is why if it's machined, it must be done in clean rooms without people near by, and must be cleaned up very carefully, which is why most companies don't bother with it.

These are my samples!

Beryllium Rod

This is a really lucky sample, beryllium being rare and toxic in some cases isn't used much(as stated above), however my friend happens to work for a company nice enough to give me a little piece. I keep it in a jar so that no toxic powder escapes, and the orange label was given to me by the company to go with it.

Date added(year-month-day):20110719, sample number:4

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