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Antimony, Sb, element number 51, is a toxic metal, similar to tin in most ways being that it's silvery and fairly weak structurally.

It's main uses are in flame-resistant compounds such as antimony trioxide, but a more commonly seen use is in alloys such as hard lead, like for shotgun shot, or for hardenning tin, for use as pewter.

One interesting thing about antimony is that it has several allotropes, being metallic antimony, a brittle silver metal, black antimony, formed by crystalizing molten antimony, yellow antimony, made by oxidation of certain antimony compounds, and a rare type which will explode if scraped or impacted, made by electrolysis of an antimony compound. All of these forms are pure antimony, but they all act and look quite different just because the atoms are arranged in peculiar ways.

These are my samples!

Antimony Metal Shot, 99.8%

This is 99.8% pure antimony shot, bought for re-sale in the Atomic Emporium webstore... Judging by how rounded the shot is, I'd guess this shot was made by melting then pouring into water, and that antimony has very high surface tension, so it forms spheres before hardening in the water.

Date added(year-month-day):20120229, sample number:90

Tags(Elements in sample):antimony

Antique Antimony

This is a rusty old jar full of lumps of antimony metal, acquired from a box of old chemistry set chemicals that a friend had, along with some manganese powder. My first antimony!

Date added(year-month-day):20111015, sample number:81

Tags(Elements in sample):antimony

Antimony Shot

This is fairly high purity (upwards of 99%, exact percent unknown sadly) antimony shot, acquired from a friend with hobbies as strange as mine.

Date added(year-month-day):20111015, sample number:79

Tags(Elements in sample):antimony

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